Thursday, July 15, 2010

My LaunchPad is Here!!!!

Quick update post, my LaunchPad is here! Can't wait to get home to play around with it! Expect a Getting Started guide soon which will walk you through programming the device, no theory will be covered in that post. A bit of theory will come later.

For anyone who is interested (and speaks German or can use Google Translator), I found a really good website about the MSP430 with some VERY interesting application notes using a VERY cool custom dev board. If anyone can find a place to buy this board, let me know. From what I've read, they are not selling their board. They also have some information on getting an MSP430 up and running on Linux using GCC which might be the best tutorial for doing this. I know there's a few of you from Germany from my Google Analytics report, if anyone knows of any other good resources in other languages, post away! Just so everyone knows though, Google Translator messes up quite a lot with grammar when translating German, so just keep this in mind.


Next post coming soon...


  1. My LaunchPad just arrived too , but I have no idea what will I do with it , I should read your older post before I decide to buy it : ) I saw many robotics projects that using MCU , and with only $ 4.30 I think that Launchpad is perfect for poor guy like me. I just know little about electronic stuff , and never use any microcontroller before , I hope I can make a simple robot with it. even I feel confuse with all of technical names , I 'll try to learn it , thank a lot for your articles here..


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