Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Official Version of the DEV.BO (2.0)

Version 2.0 of the DEV.BO is now for sale in my online store!

The DEV.BO is a development board based off of the MSP430F5510. This board can easily be programmed using the LaunchPad or any MSP430 JTAG programmer. Click here to see the post on the older DEV.BO.

DEV.BO Ver. 2.0 - Please ignore the flux residue on the board. I am out of flux remover and am expecting more in the mail soon.

Features and Specs
  • Based on the MSP430F5510
    • Max clock speed of 25MHz
    • Integrated 32kHz crystal
    • Broad supply voltage range - 1.8 V to 3.6 V 
    • 25K of flash memory
    • 1 USCI_B (I2C/SPI)
    • 2 16-bit (3CCR), 1 16-bit (5CCR), 1 16-bit (7CCR)
    • 10-bit SAR ADC
    • Internal temperature sensor
    • Hardware multiplier
    • Much more!
  • Connectors for both SBW and JTAG
    • The SBW is made for easy connection to the LaunchPad
  • USB interface (FTDI323RL)
  • On board reset button
  • 1 programmable push button
  • 1 programmable LED
  • Easy to use jumpers for disabling all non-mandatory circuitry
  • Extra power connectors for expansion boards

Available Documentation

Bare PCB (Unassembled) - $15

If you have all the tools you need to solder one up yourself, already have an MSP430F5510 from TI's free sample program, and all of the other parts needed, you can buy just the bare unassembled PCB. The handling time will also greatly reduced if you buy the bare board. Please note, that if you select this option, you will receive no components, you will only receive the PCB.

Without FTDI USB (MSP430 Assembled) - $35

This option is for those of you who do not need USB communication abilities and just want to use the MSP430F5510. If you select this option, you will receive a mostly assembled PCB. Everything needed to program and use the MSP430F5510 will be soldered onto the board but everything relating to the FTDI USB circuit (including the USB connector and the FTDI jumpers) will not be soldered to the board, and the parts will not be included. Male headers are also provided to connect to the MSP430's pins (the headers will not be soldered onto the board).

Full Board (Assembled) - $45

This option comes with everything already soldered onto the board. Male headers will also be included to connect to the MSP430's pins, but they are not soldered onto the board.

Example Code

Every DEV.BO which will have the MSP430 F5510 soldered onto it (Options: Without FTDI USB and Full Board) will come with a modified version of the LaunchScope code which samples at a rate of 4kHz. This code will be released as it's own post in the upcoming weeks once I have a chance to fully document it.


  1. The MSP430 has onboard USB. Why are you using the FTDI chip for usb access?

  2. I have done extensive work with the integrated USB peripheral on the new 55xx family (granted it was a few months ago), and the whole experience was disappointing to say the least.

    The USB stack that TI provides is (was?) very inefficient and I have never seen anyone get the data rate over 600kbps sustained. If so, I would love to find out how, since I would prefer not to use the FTDI chip.

    That being said, the USB peripheral is great if you are using the HID interface (slow data rates). The main downside in my opinion is how much code you really need to load onto the microcomputer to even get a little bit of functionality. I have broken out all of the pins in case you decide you want to play around with the integrated USB, it was a great learning experience even though I would not recommend using it for a project. Take a look at the example code on TI's website.

    I hope that answered your question. Best of luck with your projects! :-)

  3. Thanks for the reply.
    Im currently Fighting with TI's USB demo's and stack provide on there websites. I have had nothing but a headache. I finally got the device to load a device driver (HID) Datapipe but had to comment out the suspend Interrupt handler to do so. And even with that removed, although the device now Enumerates it is quite unstable. I.e im only using the echo string demo and if i send quick successive messages the device chip locks up.

    If you had seen anything like this would love to here any suggestions you have but im guessing your suggestion would be to put-down a FTDI chip :).

    Thanks again for the reply


  4. Hi,

    I'm just a beginner with MSP430. Cannot find a clear answer to a simple question:
    Can LaunchPad program any MSP430 chip that has SBW on a board?
    Your statement "This board can easily be programmed using the LaunchPad or any MSP430 JTAG programmer" is encouraging. Do you really mean it?
    I've got LaunchPad and am developing a MSP430AFE251 controlled device. So it is important to obtain a confident answer.

    By the way. I've visited a seminar on MSP430. And the TI fellow (from Moscow) told me the LaunchPad cannot program AFE family. Just a little diffidently...

    Cheers from Ukraine!

  5. Anonymous: The instability could actually be caused by the board you are using. Is the device sometimes not recognized by the computer? Does it seem to be almost random? Are you using a TI target board for the 55xx family?

    Dr. Vlas: Yes, I really do mean that the DEV.BO can be programmed via the LaunchPad. Each device will be tested with the LaunchPad and JTAG before being sent out!

    As far as the AFE family goes, I am not sure if it has support for Spy-Bi-Wire (SBW). Any device that can be programmed using SBW can be programmed by the LaunchPad if the LaunchPad's firmware support it. Many of the older devices do not support this.

    Hope that answers your questions! :-)

  6. Thanks for your answer!
    AFE family does have SBW. So I hope to program my device via LaunchPad.
    Just a little disappointed by your words
    "Any device that can be programmed using SBW can be programmed by the LaunchPad if the LaunchPad's firmware support it"
    What kind of firmware support do you mean? Is it possible that a device has SBW implemented and still cannot be programmed via LauncPad?

  7. I do not know for sure if the newest LaunchPad firmware supports the AFE devices, but I also have not looked too deep in the documentation. I would ask on the TI forums, a TI employee would most likely be able to answer your question quite quickly.

    Best of luck.

  8. This is great! I might need one. Thanks for making it!

  9. @Kanchoblindside - Let me know if you have any questions at all. I have enough parts left from my initial supply for a few more devices. :-)


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